Dear Friends,

Please share your healing stories that have occurred when we have worked together to teach others. Please tell about what you have learned or witnessed through my presence on your path. There is no better way to demonstrate what is possible than to share the wisdom of your own experience.
Email your stories and they will be posted here as a gift to the world.

Thank you for you willingness to be a light and guide for others seeking balance in their lives.

You have blessed my life with magic and made it awesome.

Always, Sally

- Testimonials -

Jackie Brooks Francesconi Kelly Short Lloyd
Nancy Cralli
Sally Smithern
Christof Keller Susan McKernan
Karena Goldfinger Linda Ohlson Graham
Dawn Cartwright Bonnie Ketring
Carine Palmer  

Jackie Brooks Francesconi

You are truly amazing. I will always remember how I felt after a session with you and how my life changed immediately afterwards for the better. When you would smile, I always felt like you were really an angel. There is something extremely precious about your presence.

I'm am so sorry about your surgery and all the pain that you endured. I was reduced to tears reading your story. I had to go home and read it to my husband. It's amazing how one's life can impact another and the person has no idea. Your appreciation of life is awesome. I am always angry because I feel like life has been unfair but after reading your story I have no right to live my life with such anger when there is someone like you holding on to every moment to be in this life to fulfill your destiny and your heart's desire to help those along the way. You really are someone truly special here to do God's work. It's not what people say, it's how they live their life and you are truly an example for everyone that has the honor to meet or know you. I feel so lucky to have met you. God bless you always. You are truly a gift from God!

Jackie Brooks Francesconi
Southeastern Nephrology Assoc.

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Nancy Cralli - Art therapist

Sally has shown me what power exists in the truth that we are all one. Trusting this allows healing to come naturally.

Nancy Cralli
Art therapist
Sonoma, California

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Kelly Short Lloyd - Realtor and Mother

Sally has shared her gifts and her knowledge with me and shown me how to know and understand myself more completely. Rather than creating a dependent relationship, Sally gives a consistent supportive and enriching relationship to her clients and students.

Kelly Short Lloyd
Realtor and Mother
Dillon, Colorado

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Sally Smithern

I just dug out & transcribed your tape with my priorities of this lifetime. Thank you for this enlightening gift! I obviously wasn't ready to look at it at the time or was just too obsessed w/ my own agenda as I saw it. But recently felt compelled to listen & felt again it so important. When transcribed the priorities give even more clarity about ones life.

Sally Smithern, D.C.

Venice, California

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Mary Slight – Massage Therapist

How blessed I am to know Sally. She has been a gift in my life and she is a gift to the planet. She is one of the most spiritual and grounded people I know. She can talk with the angels and put the information into practice.
Sally is an amazing teacher who practices what she preaches. She brings incredible clarity and wisdom to any situation. She provides invaluable guidance yet makes one do their own work. She knows so much and makes others realize that they know it too. She does not play the "guru".
Sally has been a part of every major transition in my life for the last eight years. She has helped awaken me to my journey of consciousness with my priorities. She helped me heal through breakups and job changes. Sally helped me heal pieces that were keeping me from positive intimate relationships and was the minister at my wedding ceremony. She helped my husband and I create the ceremony we wanted and our vision for the future. She has helped me heal relationships with my family and old traumas.
In short, Sally has given me the gift of more of myself. She has helped me discover and integrate pieces I had separated from, helped me heal old wounds, and learn how to forgive. She has helped me to live more consciously and given me tools to do the work on my own. Sally has so many healing tools and she's happy to share them. Channeling one's priorities, regression, toning, water rebirthing, mirror work...they are all amazing and they work.

Thanks Sally!!!!

Mary Slight
Massage Therapist
Oak Park, Illinois

Christof Keller

I took paper and pen and went down to the river Aare to write a testimonial for Sally. My mind flew me away, back to many stories in my life. What did we talk about in our sessions so many years ago when we first met? Was it 5 or 10 years ago? Where I`m now? Who am I now? Who was I ten years ago? I had 2 sessions then. I remember that I had to look in the mirror at myself through each eye, one at a time. I was used to looking in other people's eyes quite well. But look in my eyes, I was confiused!? I remember that I took the small Baby Christof in my arms to give him all my love. So what we were talking about then was the love everybody has to feel for himself. I felt Sally's love and I understood the message well but my tears couldn't find the way out at that moment to heal the wound of my child. Then through Sally I met Wu Lon a Spirit Guide. Yes, Wu Lon is a great gift in my life. He is present but I have to find my own words, my own visions, and not give my power to Spirit Guides. Often, I am a dreamer like in John Lennon's song Imagine "...and the world will be as one." I`m a dreamer who knows that he has to heal his own fights, his own wars...and love is the way. In my flying mind I am on my way imagining..I`m sure that the magnetism of Sally's great love and her great heart will bring to Sally more hearts that need to be healed. Sally, by showing them the way of self-healing love, your actions do this more than any words I could say about you. The heart can go as far as God!

Christof Keller
Special Education/Handicapped Teacher, Tai Chi Instructor, Healer, Artist, Musician, Poet, and Friend
Bern, Switzerland

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Kathy Brown

Who'd have thought a "Rush Limbaugh-Republican" would ever write a testimonial about a "spiritual healer". Sally and I met as neighbors in Santa Cruz and my "education and growth" began. I was a "recovering Catholic", and Sally helped me get back in touch with God. Knowing her as a friend and teacher, helped me to have a more interactive relationship with Him. In addition, though resistant at first try, she was able to help me immensely through regression therapy even though we were 2000 miles apart to deal with some very weighty matters in my life. To know Sally is to love her. I am thankful that we are friends.

Kathy Brown Miller
Chicago, Illinois

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Karena Goldfinger - Accupuncturist

Sally, You are such an inspiration for people and so beautiful inside and
out. Thank you so much for being out there and sharing your medicine.

Karena Goldfinger
San Francisco, California

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Susan McKearnan

Sally's spirit is truly infectious!

Susan McKearnan
Oakland, California

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Dawn Cartwright - Education Coordinator

I first met Sally Aderton in 1997 in Berne, Switzerland at which time she did a life priority reading for me. This session has remained one of the most important sign posts for me along my own path. The session was recorded, and I have listened to it many times since and never fail to learn anew from it. It has been an incredible reminder to me of the essence of my true nature and my true calling. I felt that during the session, Sally acted as a very clear mirror of my higher self. She was a gentle and honest reflection of those aspects of myself that I needed to see at the time and brought much love and insight to her work. What is more, during that session she pointed me to the school I would be attending in the United States several years later! In 1999, I had the opportunity to do a second priority session with Sally for that year and again experienced her work with me as a profound contribution in clarifying my own issues and in my own healing. During this session, Sally did a past life regression with me that provided me with invaluable information about myself. In addition, I've had the opportunity to be a co-student with Sally in a Masters program and have always been deeply impressed with her wisdom, tremendous courage and the beautiful light shining from her. My interaction with Sally has been a profoundly healing experience for me and I have passed on her name to many others.

Dawn Cartwright
M.A. Naropa University Education Coordinator, Cascade AIDS Project
Portland, Oregon

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Linda Ohlson Graham - Brain Surgery Survivor:

I too had brain surgery ... In July of 1993 I had 7 hour brain surgery with 5 neurosurgeons who cut a triangle in my skull and removed a colloidal cyst the size of a golf ball. There was a 50/50 chance I'd live... minimal chance I would come out of the surgery with my wits about me... the young neurosurgeon (30 at the time ... when he was 33 he became the resident head of neurology at Denver General) told me IF I lived the possibility existed I could become a clearer sharper person. THAT was the reality I attached myself to. There was ABSOLUTE MAGIC surrounding the experience... including Sally's arrival in Denver the day after my surgery (she had done programs in my 'museum/home' on a few previous year's visits to Denver). Sally did healing work at the hospital daily and the nurse's simply said 'whatever'... A year later Sally visited me in Boulder... I was going on about how remarkable it was that she had arrived just after my surgery… and she said 'You're the one who arranged the visit'. I had arranged for Sally to come and do some presentations at a friend's nearby Course in Miracles center. The surgery NEVER was a big deal. My brother is a nationally known portrait photographer and invited me up to his cabin along the Eagle River outside Vail for R&R. He told me over the weekend he had acquired a contract to do portrait directory of the members of a club in the area and had to hire someone to do telephoning ... I said 'Couldn't I do that Russ?' He said "I could let you try'... so on a Monday morning... 13 days after brain surgery I started and worked three 40 hour weeks... it was the best thing in the world to get my brain's connectors flowing again. I've been quite busy these last several years... working with the elderly and pursuing a career as a photographer.

You might like to see my web sites: and
Sally is a loving sensitive sincere person and I love her dearly.

Linda Ohlson Graham

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Carine Palmer - Swiss Interpreter:

As Sally Aderton‘s interpreter in Switzerland, I had the priviledge to experience the work of this very gifted healer and spiritual teacher closely and directly.

In private sessions she assesses a client’s priorities of this life or the coming year with amazing accuracy through her finely tuned intuition.

Coming from her loving open heart and deep respect for each human being‘s own inner wisdom, she translates the given information into the client‘s personal situation. With competence and great empathy she gently guides people back to their own recognition of what might hinder or block them in their development, making healing and integration of old wounds easy and graceful.

With her natural authenticity and sparkling love for life coupled with her profound knowledge of metaphysics, psychology and the healing arts, Sally is a master. Her teaching skills, as well as being a minister of joy, creates a deeply enriching and fun experience for the participants in her classes and workshops.

After years of healing and teaching, having surmounted the challenges of her brain surgery, Sally Aderton is one of the genuine healers and intuitive spiritual teachers of our time. With great love and empathy she skillfuly inspires and empowers people to find spirituality in a fulfilling life here on earth.

Carine Palmer
Bern, Switzerland

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Bonnie Ketring

I have been having sessions with Sally Aderton for nearly a decade now. For quite awhile it was more of crisis management of working through the pain of a present relationship or situation. Gradually, over time I came to recognize the value of regular maintenance sessions with Sally. The scope of Sally's work is hard to put into words because it is so vast. Her warm and loving guidance into the heart of circumstances, relationships and past lives brings me to forgiveness and freedom again and again. Each time giving me more personal power, understanding, peace of mind and most treasured of all, more love. I am deeply grateful to Sally and her work and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone fortunate enough to find her on their path.

In gratitude,

Bonnie Ketring
Phoenix, Arizona

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