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Walking the Beauty Way

   What a glorious moment for our Earth to know we are all one. What a powerful moment this is for me to be speaking from the United States of America about beauty, harmony, and grace. My heart overflows with the interconnectedness of my family, my community, my nation, and my world. There is sanctity in this moment. There is grace as we awaken. There is strength as we remember. There is hope as we create anew.
     How is it that harmony co-exists with terrorism, violence, and hatred? How can the shadow be so influential that it humbles us by the ingenuity of a few? How can justice prevail when we continue to inhabit a world of fear and yet desiring a world of love? These are the questions that have come to me since September 11, 2001. Martin Luther King said: "Through violence you may murder a murderer, but you can’t murder murder…Darkness cannot put out darkness. Only light can do that." From my viewpoint we must change so that peace will prevail on Earth. Most of us want love, harmony, and beauty, which I see as our collective definition of peace. Many of us know the path to create peace. Only light can do it.
     My own story of beauty is profound in its themes, metaphors, and symbols, reflected in the drama of my life. It is both my guide and my companion as I walk my journey of wholeness. I am Sally Aderton, healer and spiritual teacher, woman and warrior of love, and creator of a new dream of the Earth. I am certain that my story is both unique and not. I hope that by sharing my story you will be supported in the creation of your dream of the Earth. Now we have been called to serve in her creation for what affects one, affects the whole. The lives that seemed to be abruptly ended on September 11th will not be lost in vain. These souls dramatically exited for our wholeness. Through their willingness, hopefully, they will inspire the awakening of many more people to peace.
     Beauty for me is the product of balance. The word "heal" I define as the "process of coming into balance." Therefore, not only when I am healed I experience beauty but also it is in the action of healing. In this understanding, beauty is not just the reward, it is the way. I am serving all if I choose to vibrate from my beauty. It is the radiance of love that is the essence of my soul, my connection to the Divine, and the light that is indwelling. However, I do not get to this awareness by negating my negative or murdering the murder. I am whole when I embrace the negative and love it. I have learned that to be broke is to be whole. There is perfect imperfection and that only by acknowledging all-that-is can I be truly free.
     For those readers who do not know me, I have been practicing as a Healer and Non-denominational Spiritual Teacher for 16 years since I was 24 years old. My tools, techniques, and style of healing are not as important as my philosophic perspective. In other words the ‘how’ is not as important as the ‘why’ of my work. I listen with my heart to help myself and others help our selves. We are all holy and deserve to live the creativity, visions, and dreams that each of us has come into life to fulfill. My philosophy has always been that as we heal ourselves we heal the world.
     There is anonymous wisdom message in my country, which says: "Where your deepest wound lives is also where your greatest gift lives." I was diagnosed in 1998 with a benign tumor on the nerve to my ear. My wounds from the brain surgery that saved my life were 1) to my confidence, 2) to the loss of function to half of my face, and 3) to the hearing in one of my ears. As I have healed I feel even more courage, even more beauty, and even more ability to deeply listen to others. These events are not coincidental but they are directly symbolic of my empowerment as a being awake with God. We are all faced with lessons to learn about love, though the story lines may be different, the outcomes are usually the same. Love is the beginning. Love is the end. Love is also what lies in between.
     As a child I experience violence in the form of sexual abuse by adult males whom I loved and depended on for survival. The words used during these experiences were as damaging as the physical acts. I was told: "You are so beautiful Sally!" In my innocent mind I decided that it was not a good thing to be beautiful so I purposefully hid my light for many years. The Buddha has said that, "When one is truly ready for something, it puts in its appearance." My memories of my abuse began to surface as I began to develop my healing skills. I had already years before committed myself to my spiritual path, the memories came as I learned that I could assist others in their spiritual journeys as well. As I become more aware of the light of Spirit in me, I became more beautiful to others and to myself.
     It is not surprising that my tumor symptoms became more apparent as I became more and more radiant. My beauty grew as I owned the pain of my experience, forgave the players in my story, forgave myself, and found more balance in all levels of my experience. The diagnosis and surgery coincided with a rejection from a man. As I was wounded in my beauty by the rejection of what I thought was love, the damage to my physical form also happened.
     During the years (1988-91) that I was recovering my abuse memories, the somatic experience was releasing sorrow, anger, and shame often that my body had stored in the back right side of my head. The tumor located in the same area, of course, was the physical storage unit that my body had produced to contain those feelings and memories. When I was able to deal with them as an adult instead of as a child, when I was ready, they appeared. When I no longer needed the storage unit, the tumor let me know that it existed. Not surprisingly, with the rejection of another man in 1998, a situation that could be viewed from a victim/perpetrator model like childhood sexual abuse, the need to end this victim belief system was the basis of my healing. It was so necessary in the evolution of my consciousness that I wake up to this message, I created brain surgery to "get it!"
     The nerve function to motorize the muscles to the right side of my face was profound. The nerve actually died. My face was totally asymmetrical. The right side was paralyzed. I was told by a neurosurgeon at Stanford Hospital, one of my country’s finest medical research facilities that "it will never function again". This experience was the voice of God telling me I had to get even more committed to my wellness, my healing, and my self-love. I knew that the rejection from the man and the metaphor of "losing face", which is shame, were connected. I worked diligently to heal on all levels: psychological-to heal the shame, physical-by daily acupuncture and exercise, emotional-by letting my feelings be whatever they were and being creative, mental-by studying for a Master’s Degree, spiritual-by prayer and meditation, and the most important was learning to see my love again. I could see God’s love in others; I was having a difficult time seeing it in me. As all of the paths of healing have the same destination, more self-love, I slowly began to see what my friends and family had always seen. The love that I am radiated through what I was defining now as a broken body.
     There is a perfect example in the rainbow-maker crystals that I love to give to people as I travel. These prisms only work because they break the white light by refraction in order for us to see the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. White light is really made of diverse vibrations which by the act of breaking the light; we are able to enjoy rich independent hues as they appear in the rainbow. What a great lesson as we work to bring the Rainbow tribe of conscious beings together in one world. The refraction in the collective is a part of helping us see diversity is what makes beauty.
     Though I had been on a path of spiritual consciousness since I was 14, somewhere inside I still bought the idea that I was alone. Through recovery from the subsequent damage to my hearing, my face, my balance, my self esteem, my financial stability, my relationships with clients and friends, and my perception of the world, I now know that I am never alone. This is the gift that I hope to continue to share with others as we create this world with love embracing all-that-is. My face now reflects a miracle. I can now smile, blink, and wrinkles have returned. My face is not the same as before the brain surgery. I am not the same either nor would I want to be. The metaphors and the story will continue from here. I know it is about my journey on the path and the destination is, and always will be for me the same as the way, love.
     Harmony is the presence of consonance and dissonance. The ability to have vibrations that are positive and negative co-existing to create sound that is full, rich, and satisfying. For us to live in an abundant world we must learn to perceive the negative as a call to heal. It is the shadow that alerts our attention to where light is needed. If we choose to move toward the negative instead of away from it we will have the greatest power possible. Embracing instead of rejecting each other, not to make us all the same, but by honoring our diversity, we will live in harmony.
     For me the terrorism that the world experienced was not just toward the United States on September 11th. This was a call to heal for all people o all nations. Grace can enter in to mend this global grief if we can open are hearts to receive. The magnetic energy that is the negative energy in the universe is the energy of the divine feminine. It is the feminine that receives as the masculine gives. As we all look inside to heal our inner terrorists, our inner hijackers, and our inner struggle with dominion, the world will come to a new balance. I am not condoning the acts. I am not defending the will of these men. I am certain that this acting out of such vengeance is a warning for us, who claim to be of light, to shine even more bright.
     The unity of us with God, us with each other, and us with our enemies, mends the illusion that we are in this life alone. I believe that by walking the beauty path, by showing as much of my radiance, love, and light possible, I become a part of the solution to the problems instead of being a contribution. Let us go on together for I have also found the walk into the Great Mystery to be a lot more fun when there are others around to lighten the load, share responsibility, and see when I cannot. I will affirm again: beauty is not just a reward, it is the way for us all!

Published in Lichtwelle, Switzerland (German Magazine)   

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Sally Aderton's Five Steps of Forgiveness


The key to peace in our bodies, emotions, minds, and souls is the ability to forgive. The definition of forgiveness is to "give over, let go." This is the process of surrender. All of us as human beings learn that by holding on we can control our lives, the lives of others, and our creations. The opposite is really truth. It is by letting go that we move into faith. Faith allows us to end our separateness and merge with something greater than ourselves. It is by the ability to touch the eternal we can then know peace. Peace abides in the state of balance, grace, and harmony that is love. Basis of all healing is ending separation. To heal means to bring into balance.

1) Ownership

If we do not claim our issues and concerns we cannot let them go. Definition gives us the power to develop a relationship to the situations that cause pain. The more specific we can be in the definition of a situation, the more clear the healing. If we do not own it, we do not have the control to give it away.

2) Empathy

In order to let do of blame, guilt, regret, anger, or fear we must know the perspective that created separation from ourselves and what ever we are forgiving. This is true from individuals, aspects of ourselves, groups, and whomever we project the responsibility of moving us out of our personal power and peace. We must see from their eyes the situation to bridge the separation. This ends the illusion of separation and compassion occurs.

3) Release

Letting go, forgiving, releasing not only the belief but also the product of conflict, emotion, is necessary to re-pattern our behavior. Energy from our spirits, which manifests in form through emotions, creates the response toward experience. The essential nature of energy is movement, thus, e-motion. Forgiveness is only possible when the energy is released and transformed.

4) Understanding

We are not victims to any experience in the greater truth. Keeping ourselves and others accountable to our actions keeps truth in the process of being able to let go of what inhibits us from being free. Learning and service are the basis for the human condition. Every situation can be reduced to how it helped us learn about love and how it served the greater mysterious Universe. Wisdom comes from being able to understand that everything serves us in some way. Finding out how it serves makes it easier, again, to let go.

5) Change

The final step in forgiveness is change. We must change our energy, our attitude, our understanding, our behavior and move on. In the eternal truth our spirits are energy which is constantly seeking freedom. Forgiveness allows us to be free. The balance of movement and stillness, therefore healing, is possible when we change. The change must happen physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually to be complete. Moving in the circle of dark to light, chaos to control, pain to love is the circle of life. This is the change of every moment of our living experience. Change and love are the only constant states in the Universe...
Forgiveness brings us into the eternal truth where there is peace for our freedom seeking spirits. In each moment we must surrender the past for the future. By forgiving ourselves and those whom we hold accountable for our pain we can move into infinite possibility. Joy abides in this place of freedom. As the saying goes:
"Let go, and let God!"

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Poetry - Who Am I?

Who am I ?

I am the stars that shine in the night
I am the moon that re-cycles the sun's light

I am the wound the wonder the tears and the pain
I am the healing the awe the reward and the rain

I am the prose and the word the tree and the book
I am the breath that brings them to song

I am the love that I have had all along

I am the dream and the movie and the play
I am the courage to face each new day

I am the will and the want and the desire
I am the passion that fuels all fire

I am the sea and it is the sum of me
I am the you and the promise of we

I am the love that is that can that be

I am the depths and the heights and the center
I am the moment that connects forever

I am the peace and the war and the bridge and the river
I am the receiver and I am the giver

I am stillness and calm and darkness and the advent of ideas
I am the rainbow the sparkle the clouds and the sun

I am your heart and mine that beats as one

I am the who the what the why the how and the when
I am the beginning the middle and the end

October 11, 1999

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Poetry - God Has Spoken

God Has Spoken to the Land

Promise has spoken to the land
call for joy and I command
   that ye shall have and have again
    the son of God
      through the hearts of men.

Plenty has spoken to the land
 call forth gifts and I command
  that ye shall have and have again
    the wealth of kings
      through the hands of men.

Beauty has spoken to the land
 call forth grace and I command
  that ye shall have and have again
    the love of queens
      through the eyes of men.

Spring has spoken to the land
 call forth birth and I command
  that ye shall have and have again
   life eternal
     through the body of men.

Summer has spoken to the land
 call forth growth and I command
  that ye shall have and have again
   strength and valor won
     through the intention of men.

Autumn has spoken to the land
 call forth harvest and I command
  that ye shall have and have again
   sustenance and splendor valued
     through the minds of men.

Winter has spoken to the land
  call forth death and I command
   that ye shall have and have again
    rest from the woes
     for the spirit of men.

God has spoken to the land
 call forth I and I command
   that ye shall have and have again
    miracles and magic
      through the presence of men.

July 13, 1991

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Poetry is Present

Within each of us we find the essence of wisdom which speaks through metaphor, story, and awareness. The journey of life is often measured by the quality and quantity of this wisdom. In this collection of poems written over a 20 year period of my life, I want to share with you my wisdom, documentation of my own process, by poetry. Many of us, sensitive to the evolution of thought, relationships, love, self discovery, and self actualization, use writing to reflect back to us the mirror of our personal insight. May you find your face in the mirror of my words reminding you of what you already know. Keep in mind the unity of human consciousness, the blessings of spirit, and the power of our feelings which have no words. Poetry takes me immediately to the moment of feeling where I believe transformation lives. Through writing words of prose I change my vision to reflect the knowledge not the pain of my experience and the memory of the moment has been preserved.

March 1994

High School

Our conversation
stirred up some
that the winds
of change
carried off
and we were cleansed
and began


You are like
I love pizza
it gives me heartburn!

Little mementos of love and affection,
given to others for special attention.
Ribbons and flowers from many a past escapade,
set waiting to be remembered as they slowly wilt and fade.
Oh, those little momentous have a special place in my heart,
because they've been a symbol of your love,
right from the start.


Somewhere near tomorrow,
tucked under yesterday,
hidden behind my sorrow,
lies the glory of today.

I am a bird
trapped in a cage too small
I can not even spread
my wings
to their fullest extent
I am confined
and it weighs heavy
on my mind.
Oh, to soar
to become a part of the sky
in all its brilliance
white clouds,
bright sunshine, and
vast blueness
If I could only
ride upon the
free spirited wind....
But I am only a bird
trapped in a cage too small
with no one to open the door.

We have the power
to communicate
in so many beautiful ways.
It is possible to
say just how you feel
without ever uttering a sound.
If people could only recognize this language
and not fear it
Maybe, then
it would be easier
to understand
and be understood.



of the mind
release us
and show us
all the knowledge
you can find
foretold before
repeated again and again
all that we know
comes from within.






and you will find
all the entrances
to your mind.

Family ties
that bind the heart
are genetically there
from your start.
But the love
that you received
came from
those who believe.
That we are all one
Mother, daughter
Father, son
We are a family.


he will not hear me
his eyes will be closed to see
thought patterns unbroken
logic; not me
my mind will wander
someone touch me


pushing, pushing
from the inside out
what is worse, nothing better?
screaming "I want to get out!"
suppression, depression, repression
read the reverse
the non-truth
on my face


a part of me
is cast aside
looking for a home
I've found it
between the lines
for once, they're not so bare

into the mirror
gaze did she
who appeared before her eyes?
and the reflection did reply
'tis me!
'tis me!
can't you see?
the vision blurred
with a veil of tears


Poetry comes and goes
in my life like


Event, Emotion, Reaction


(repeat again)


Once again Poetry is



Wellspring of feelings
tears ready to flow
this is my path
this is what I know
I am love
I am the light
I will let it go.


A diamond
cast at my feet
your death ruling my dreams
alone I am found lost
grief comes again
the wave of trust
gone in an instant
into the void I go
to discover the
purity I seek
simplicity I desire
out in a wave
the wave of trust
love born
of loss
a diamond
pure radiant light
at my feet.


where does the circle
with us....


She starts out strong
a contender, a winner
with a warrior's resolve
to master the enemy;
overpowering the weak
breaking other's wills
controlling the destiny of
right over wrong.
Broken and shattered
a survivor
she finishes.
No one could stop her
as the battle raged
they could not hear her
as her courage turned to shame
right or wrong
who could she blame
but the enemy within.
She stops where she is.


Out of the darkness
fed by the light
spinning and twirling

Delight in the dream
risking the flight
surrender the dawn
the magic
the fight

Held by the hand
that faces the sun
out of the darkness
the day has

born in the dream
the war has
been won
the dawn
the magic
the light.


heartfire night
daydreams score
bring home the song
hear it sung to the stars
dancing off moonbeams
held in the moment
of love

when you touch
that place
when you play the song
safety and softly
I become...

surrounded in love
sworn to the end
surprised I believe
held in the moment
of love

ecstasy breathes
life to the fire
into the night
passion, desire

light of our hearts
held in the moment
of love

held in the moment of love.


he holds me up at 35,000 feet
he holds me when I cross the street
in the eye of the storm
in a moment of bliss
in the smile of a child
when I surrender a kiss
he holds my light
he holds my hand
he will never leave me
even if I forget
he will hold me forever
in darkness and tears
in the deepest of fears
when death is embraced
he is where we meet
always, he is

Healer of self
divined, right, just

Healer for peace
assured, pure, free

Healer by name
has none


It is all that is.
Raging in blue
clamped in the throat
glands squeezed together
unable to breathe

the fire below
the mind to a plan
ne'er they meet
revenge so sweet

raging in blue
such a sorrowful you
stuck by your shame
the truth goes unheard


It is right for me
to have inside
that very special
place to hide

Dreams are things
made of glass

Life is but a

The place I go
the secret I hold
sad sails, darkness aches
longing for the light

Dreams are things
made of glass

Life is but a


In the beginning
it was fine
you go your way
I'll go mine

Later then
with the beginning
came an end
You go first
I'll go last

Later still
with God's will
I went first
and you went last

When we knew
that we were through
with wondering why
and questioning the sky

Together we shared
together we cried
surrendering our will
answering the sky

Who came first
and who went last
didn't matter anymore
we set it free
like the past

Time was our friend
from beginning to end.


Wrapped around
the smallness of me
powerful strong
arms of you

love's net
for my pain

Dance with me for a while
let us leave our
silent journeys

Moving to new ways
reflected in our actions

shown in your eyes as they smile
warm into mine

You are strong outside
vulnerable in
I am vulnerable outside
strong in

love's net

Let the balancing act


In these times
of heartbreak lines
your voice to my tears
singing raindrops
through the cloud
of my

ah, the sensations
of love lost

When becomes later
as my shared dream
of together
is seen to be
and the same
of my feelings

ah, the sensations
of knowing truth
bring back romance
lace and flowered

ah, the sensations
of love found



Bright lights in your smile
love from your eyes
bringing kindness to my tears
joy to my soul

when we know our dream
when our truth creates the story
when your heart beats as mine
when I surrender to you my God

Bright lights in my smile
love from my eyes
bringing kindness to your tears
joy to your soul

I love you now
in this dream
when becomes


There are doorways out
It is possible to be free

I have heard the soul sing

I walk for me now
It has been a toll laden road
that was always deep inside

My tears become the threshold
Your arms opening to my smile

But it is me that I embrace
Reflected in your eyes

Divined we are one

The emancipation
has begun.

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